Your visit to Kalimpong is incomplete if you have not been all the places mentioned below:

  • Deolo Dara Hill
  • Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery
  • Pine View Nursery
  • Kalimpong Science Centre
  • Mangal Dham
  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Crookety House
  • Lepcha Museum
  • Thongsa Gumba
  • Morgan House

Deolo Dara Hill

Deolo Hill is the highest point in town and is among the famous Kalimpong tourist places. On a clear day, you can view the mighty Himalayas, the neighboring states, and the surrounding villages of Relli & Teesta valley. Due to its locale, it is an excellent spot for a picnic, or just to relax around the beautifully landscaped gardens and the view of the mountains.

Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery

Located atop Durpin Hill, the Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery was established in 1970 and consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama six years later. Visit this place for its striking architecture and a splendid view from the Durpin Hill. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kalimpong, Sikkim.

Pine View Nursery

The ever-fascinating and ever splendid northeast is home to some of the most beautiful nurseries in the country and the Pine View Nursery of Kalimpong is one of them. For all nature enthusiasts visiting the town, this should definitely be on your Kalimpong sightseeing list. There are hundreds of varieties of cactus on display at the Pine View Nursery.

Kalimpong Science Centre

Established under the DGHC (Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council) in 2008 is a recent tourist attraction. The Science Centre, which provides details for scientific awareness among the school students of the town and the locals, is located on the Deolo Hill on the way to the Deolo tourist lodge. It is a place for both knowledge and fun for young students.

Mangal Dham

Built over an area of two acres, the Mangal Dham Temple is among the popular tourist places in Kalimpong. The prayer hall of the temple is on the upper floor, as on the ground floor lies the samadhi of Guruji Shri Mangaldas Ji. The many paintings in the temple depict various scenes from Krishna Leela. It is a well-maintained temple and the religious tourists mostly flock to this place.

Hanuman Mandir

Located on the way to the Deolo Hill, the Hanuman Temple in Kalimpong is another quick stopover. You need to climb a set of stairs to reach the Hanuman statue which is the tallest in northeast India. Being one of the best places to visit in Kalimpong, India, you must add this to your itinerary while holidaying there.

Crookety House

It was at the Crookety House that the famous Russian philosopher and writer Helena Roerich spent the last 7 years of her life. The house, today, is among the most popular tourist destinations in Kalimpong. Thronged by people aiming to escape the stifling expat bubble, the building is known for its colloquial European architecture.

Lepcha Museum

Approximately 2 km from the main city, the Lepcha Museum is the cultural center of Kalimpong. It houses various articles of worship, musical instruments, and clothing. Thus upholding the traditions & the heritage of the Lepcha community. We can learn a great deal about the Lepcha community in this Lepcha Museum.

Thongsa Gumba

Also known as the Bhutanese monastery, Thongsa Gompa should definitely be on your Kalimpong sightseeing list. It is the oldest monastery in the area and boasts of a serene and spiritual ambiance. Apart from giving you a surreal experience, it will let you taste the thrill in Kalimpong. Tourists can attend the prayer services that the monks carry out. It has 219 prayer wheels, unlike the usual 108 at most other monasteries.

Morgan House

Now a tourist lodge under the West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation, Morgan’s House is an old British bungalow. This sprawling haveli should be visited for its beautiful architecture and for the rare varieties of birds that may be spotted in and around the vicinity. The location is at a great location and the peace is almost daunting.