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Destination in Kalimpong

Novelty Mall, Kalimpong promises to be the symbol of positive growth in Kalimpong’s economy, introducing a new retail experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. Where once Novelty Hall stood as one of the main sources of entertainment for the people of Kalimpong, we intend to create an even more entertaining spot at that very same location. 

 For long, the people of Kalimpong have dreamt about a shopping complex, where they can find everything they need on a day to day basis. From groceries to garments, food items to beverages, a gaming zone to a movie theatre, all to bring some kind of excitement within the people. And Novelty Mall aims at delivering exactly that, and much more in terms of entertainment, plus a place to be, on a weekend after a tiring week at work. Not only for our locals, it promises to be a welcome sight for the tourists as well. Therefore, we can say that Novelty Mall is going to be for every one from anywhere. For a town, with hectic schedules and big dreams, Novelty Mall offers to be a Welcome-break, right here, in Kalimpong.